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Par wholesalejersey, 29/04/2011 à 10:13
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China won, for the happy happy Shaun Alexander Mogilny Jersey, do not play deep
to celebrate China as a super power
Olympic sports have turned out to be the end of this fast.
Look forward to eight years, lasted for sixteen days, China finally become the world's super sports country. gratifying Henrik Sedin Jersey!!!
is not it? We have a number of gold medals ahead of U.S. power in the world, and even comparable to that of the U.S. medal. The Olympic Games China not only in their traditional strengths to stay ahead on the project, and a breakthrough in a number of projects. five-star red flag raised again and again, a new generation of athletes on the podium Pavel Bure Jersey, the national anthem resounded through the arena, with both a symbol of China's position in world sport peaked.
despised people in addition to soccer, Liu Xiang Kevin Bieksa Jersey, surprising outside, from all aspects, the Beijing Olympic Games is perfect for us. The opening ceremony of the Chinese elements that one shock Trevor Linden Jersey, the ignition ceremony surprisingly, the global political leaders gathered in Beijing pilgrimage camel. Chinese athletes to show the fighting spirit should also have a friendly and make the whole world and be moved. wonderful event Alexandre Burrows Jersey, sincere volunteers, harmonious China Rick Rypien Jersey, so those who have been finding fault with the Chinese Olympic Games Daniel Sedin Jersey, unwarranted charges of Western politicians and the media are hell.
I know, writing Under the above text is a joke is that people of insight.
insight would be rational to say that China is a force to give the country to do sports Ryan Kesler Jersey, do a competitive sport, rather than national sports. Olympics just run a vast unprecedented face-saving projects. China's national strength has not changed, still lagged behind China's national sport Roberto Luongo Jersey, the Chinese track and field and swimming in the challenge of human physical limits of the project is even worse than the first power in the United States too far.
In fact, the rise of the modern Olympic Games have long deviated from the limits of the ancient Olympic challenge the intention of the human body. One is called the world sport's big party to celebrate a large extent has already evolved into the country and nation not see a battle, one was driven by commercial interests unlimited market. otherwise would not have so many countries to go for medals cheered for doing all the medals. Although occasionally we will harvest some of the Olympic Games moved on, some human The simple beauty.
National Sport is the basis of competitive sports, which is a general consensus. Although we are a big country bike, but we have no gain on the bicycle race. because in China, we ride because they want to survival is to keep juggling Kirk Mclean Jersey, cycling is our basic means of transport, rather than the exercise equipment. while the developed countries who ride for leisure, is the enjoyment of life. So in China, the kingdom of bicycles, cycling is the least mass basis One of the movement.
is behind China's national sport, it is an indisputable fact. We do not have to carry out the conditions for national sports Mats Sundin Jersey, and our kids to be bound in the title in the sea and courses Ryan Johnson Jersey, our students in more than half of people have myopia. In this increasingly competitive society, our living space is very small, and our constitution in the fall.
praise Bush when we are playing a bike, we should not have surprised. In the U.S., four in the afternoon to clock, you can see many people running. Physical exercise is a part of their daily lives, living habits. But in China, with exercise habits are often retired people and college students. of course There are those who use sports as a career from childhood to the highest goal of Olympic medal sports students.
the world is diverse, each country's competitive sports have their own strengths. closer look at the Olympics, the United States, Britain, France medal in the Olympic Games many athletes are black, the old colonial ethnic richness helped them to maintain an advantage in a number of projects to obtain good results. This is actually not necessarily with the full contact sport. while China and Russia is a relatively pure state. in our own strengths to get the gold medal on the project have nothing to inferiority complex.
tonight, when the Olympic torch extinguished slowly, we can say that China has hosted the most successful Olympic Games next . We need not be too cool-headed analysis of the Beijing Olympic Games to the success or failure. Chinese people have a big face, this is a good thing.
China wins, everyone on the happy happy, not too deep. < br>


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