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Chinese in the United States recently read two articles, the former a type of ridicule be Jingwei article, it is able to meet many young people's self-esteem and the a reminder to do both. two languages ​​are involved in today's China and Chinese people facing > China also has positive meaning today

torch relay dogged. Western media, Koubuzeyan Kirk Mclean Jersey, and even random clips, swindling. a loss, loss of dignity. global Chinese, angry place? < br> dynasty since the Opium War, one hundred and seventy years, the Chinese economy has never been so strong. China is the United States, Europe, Japan and the three major economies, the largest trading partner, and they have a surplus of astronomical. half of the global of the population, rely on daily life may in recent years, European and American scholars began to study the rapid rise of China will shake the world political and economic structure, when it will overtake the United States, etc. (see JOHN IKENBERRY: China's rise and the future of the West (THE RISE OF CHINA AND THE FUTURE OF THE WEST; FOREIGN AFFAIRS, JANUARY / FEBRUARY Kevin Bieksa Jersey, 2008). possession of China's economic strength are difficult to hide: the higher the floor, built, and Shanghai than in New York as early as the old yellow. Way more repair longer have to Lhasa. more save more money Ryan Kesler Jersey, reach the coffers of the Federal Reserve moved to Beijing to the. who more and more wide, BMW Dream Car. frequently travel abroad, across five continents; students overwhelming, even to go abroad at the beginning, buy a house buy a car, Let foreigners dumbfounded. temper is also growing: the Internet, often millions of bold warriors, ten thousand Qi defense. cities almost every computer, every mobile phone. and frequently hand, the acquisition of large foreign enterprises. the whole world watched China ; sing East is Red, the reform and opening up rich. . seeing thirty years ago such a chink poor neighbor day Sanqiu, flourishes in Europe and America are not comfortable at heart. Jealousy is human nature, not kill. material is immortal, must release. former head of the United States Assistant Secretary of State of China, Professor SUSAN SHIRK summarize recent defense of Tibet and the torch during the war, said: do the world a big PARTY, some people have gone over the line, deliberately make trouble. significance of events. The lucky, the door lady absolutely Xianpinaifu (no way, the world's highest level of competition, on the site, the implementation of asking for too much money out of the heap, together with related infrastructure reception capacity ), is not really a non-plane trees habitat. non-economic strength, political and social stability and devotedly attached to the wealthy did not dare to climb up big. lent for coming in this world is definitely an important symbol of status. just look at the most recent decades have patronized those countries to clear: 18 years, three times the United States. a poor young man suddenly live in high-rise buildings, open car Rick Rypien Jersey, ushered in a peerless beauty, the whole world to join. decline of aristocracy, over gas celebrities, the new hatred of the old grudges can not Wohuo? to mention the poor boy is so excited, boasting, I do not know the convergence: the name of the torch relay over the world on behalf of the cruise, showing off. This is passing the torch, or the pride of Chinese people? think the stakes are not you? more gas man is. finally found a pretext to flame Tian Du Tibet, they may be overseas Chinese demonstrators blocked from Europe to the Americas and Oceania. easily packed, the red flag in the breeze. is called the , stand together. on the western media in hot pursuit, Buyiburao. but where so many Chinese people? to London, Paris, San Francisco, Canberra have become the Chang'an Street. frightened children to speak French to do things is not detached President sent a special envoy to China to explain a row. which in the past can imagine it? This is nothing less than world of difference between 1860 and burned the Yuanmingyuan it? As a Chinese, you should not be proud? You should not be proud? You should not celebrate? you you should not laugh? students that Siemens Gas ah!
things really have a lot of trouble later. to growing pains as it is. China's rise and strong addition to China, are skeptical about the whole world, and even the very to fear. for some people, divided into seven regions of China's best; or be . (all makes sense, in all these areas in China need to improve and perfect). But if you do not look pleasing to the eye, the enemy in the eye of East facilities, monk Shaun Alexander Mogilny Jersey, as in Pig. China too bulky to develop too fast. Earth tolerance is limited, the shift in world unrest. how to customize Office, a great mystery. then was bogey, better than being afraid of being humiliated, being carved up much easier. China is feeling jealous of the old powers should be good , there is a world beauty, to appreciate gradually.
is a symbol of the Olympic Games. do not have to worry so much about. the history of the Olympic Games have had a lot of trouble: Moscow, Los Angeles Olympic Games are bad to resist. Munich massacre. Beijing Olympics sure much better than they are. if not the best, not bad. it is a sporting event. not for almost a full house, as long as the lively fire, and scores more like. The whole world knows that China make every effort wholeheartedly, which is enough .
the torch relay, China's rise seems a baptism. is really a fire, blood and tears. people to remember it being a publicity team, the torch is a planter! all five continents. shows China's strong power, that the dignity of the Chinese people, angry, radical, unprecedented unity and love of the motherland. This is even more being a bogey. so it should be more calm, firm Mats Sundin Jersey, confident, self-reflection, not wishful thinking.
Finally, thanks to the global Chinese! to the world peace-loving people who respect the Olympic spirit to pay tribute! salute to the Republic! seem to have a voice, said: stand up Pavel Bure Jersey! br> 4 30, 100-day countdown to the Beijing Olympic Games. From March 30, held in Greece since the Olympic torch handover ceremony, which flies very quiet month. torch from London, Paris, San Francisco, reached New Delhi, Canberra , Nagano, Seoul, both by local residents and overseas Chinese, students studying for the warm welcome, but also caused some discontent in Tibet, the Chinese government practices of people lined the streets to protest. To ensure the smooth progress of the torch is passed, countries had to take the police security line , temporary diversions, reduce journey, the torch being extinguished, arrest protesters and other measures. Along the way, support the Beijing Olympic Games overseas Chinese, students and support for Tibet , can not think really so burning two of China's Tibetan people, both Chinese and Western cultures.
hosting the Olympic Games, the Chinese people's hopes for the past century. When it was finally held to be grand in the Chinese capital, when we encounter such a sudden embarrassment. Baozhan passion in our bid twice, the once thought the Olympics in the family courtyard Dataichangxi from showcase to the world the rise of nation, peace and prosperity of the stage; did not take into account, the Olympics, like a telescope, the host country is not satisfactory to all the flaws and focus on high magnification. We in the subconscious, and look forward to marvel at the world through the Beijing Olympics the achievements of China's modernization drive, so that Chinese around the world proud. but we were unable to clearly realize that the world people of all countries, the mass media, NGO (non-governmental organizations), including some political forces do not have the embrace of the Olympic Games are also on the governance of our country, talking about the habit of doing things, and look forward to hosting the Olympic Games in China in the process of democracy, human rights the rule of law will be changed significantly. foreign expectations of two different trends collide, of course not help to take the Olympic torch relay, set off the embarrassing situation. Olympic opportunities and challenges of the original sides of a coin is .
Olympic China into the world's desire to
Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, China's accession to WTO, opening up the United Nations peacekeeping force, and so on, all reflect the Chinese people into the mainstream of world civilization in good faith desire of the Chinese Government's solemn commitment to the international community. no need to, not because of pressure from external and internal concerns, and change the direction we are moving.
the start of reform, Deng Xiaoping visited Japan, the United States, China, to promote big country out of the Mao Zedong era of isolation. In Japan, Deng Xiaoping visited the new production lines and is 99 times FAW in Changchun, China, Nissan Motor Company, the emotion, said: Deng watch horses race, the Knights took over a cowboy hat, worn on the head. a leader of communist countries to embrace American culture markers, freeze-frame the moment by the media, become the symbol of China's open door.
in the Cold War the end of the era of multi-polar world, although there are still remnants of the interference of the Cold War mentality, the Chinese people still seize the opportunity to promote the opening up of the institution. the third generation leader Jiang Zemin on the eve of leaving the political arena Daniel Sedin Jersey, was invited to President George W. Bush and the United States have State ranch walking, boating, for the Sino-US strategic partnership between the foundation. in the face of China's accession to WTO, the domestic concerns of Western hostility and attack the historical juncture, Zhu Rongji visited the United States afraid of infamy, and then personally involved with the Americans in Beijing talks last seven thorny issue. According to China's chief negotiator, Long recalled, when the Americans thrown out the first three issues, Zhu Rongji, is only one answer: anxious, and constantly handed to note. I did not expect a pound the table, Zhu Rongji, said: it, if you give us to sign. economy and world economic integration, processing and foreign trade disputes rational and restrained. in Sino-US intellectual property rights negotiations, the Americans said, See you in a museum exhibit Trevor Linden Jersey, the number of looted from China. Wilson retired on the eve of the Wu Yi called her outside the market economy. from the pre-reform public sector workers accounted for 99.96% of the total number of social workers, and today, non-public economy, including the private economy with Hong Kong Alexandre Burrows Jersey, Taiwanese, foreign investment, China is third in the world, there are the other. China does not remain outside high-tech, China is the world's second-largest country and the largest mobile Internet countries, 221 million Internet users, 539 million mobile phone users. in the economic integration, technological integration, the Chinese in the modern political system, social management, cultural exchange has also made great efforts. PRC publicly declared that the rule of law, democracy as the goal, to expand political participation, democratic party, anti-corruption, administrative reform are split step forward.
from the public to the Government, the Chinese Olympic Games in Beijing this support and love, represents a rise in culture, communication with the world equal and sincere effort to look forward. China adopted opening-up has been for 30 years, the Chinese people ended in the black with action Siegel then sigh: River Elegy, closed to open.
years after the Yellow River alone, saw the blue sea.
Western cultural hegemony in the Chinese folk backlash
Unfortunately, China and the world civilization and the good will and sincere docking often been profoundly cultural bias of Western media, a considerable part of the national government and even a misunderstanding. these cultural differences, economic barriers and political arrogance, military strike, it is easy for young people to think of China from the Opium War of the backlog in the national heart century of humiliation.
say this caused a great uproar in the international issue of Tibet, it appeared once in the history of the centrifugal tendencies, are related with the mischief of British imperialism. British troops invaded East Asia, Gyantse, Tibet army fight back to defend the homeland. Thirteenth Dalai Lama had cast Although the British anti-exile in India's bumpy, but in the end their senses and return to Lhasa, the Central Government to re-submission, firmly rejected the British concocted flood line. righteous, is a Chinese national cohesion, an important component of combat effectiveness, so that China's territorial integrity and political forces deter malicious think twice.
in the month, we are shocking to see the new China was founded 59 years political discrimination against the Chinese nation since the Opium War 168 years of cultural contempt for China's reform started 30 years after the rejection of a peaceful rise, still exist. Some even show a symptom of hysteria. CNN host Jack Cafferty called the Chinese people ; of goons and thugs, behavior does not agree with their boycott. China is a WTO member countries have called for boycott of foreign goods and businesses, not a smart move. We must guard against narrow nationalism and populist ideological influence on young people, the Government also needs to take measures to prevent China Landslide investment environment. However, I must draw the West to understand and respect the historical tragedy of the stagnation of the Chinese people Roberto Luongo Jersey, as well as some Western media during the Olympic torch relay in China caused by the rebound in crude derogatory. There is bound to have the force reaction, it is worth serious reflection of Western society.
many Chinese young people can not forgive some Western media and NGO, as they riot in Lhasa and other Tibetan-inhabited areas of the facts, on the Sino-Tibetan ethnic relations between the rich and complex, so cut out of the subjective and one-sided interpretation. in Lhasa, Government support for Tibet silver polishing gold scattered development, the introduction of talents from the Mainland to support basic education, access to modern technology, the construction of the railway into Tibet, despite the efforts of the Department is not perfect, but all are said to deliberately destroy the native culture of Tibet, this is not the lack of basic fairness and justice? Do Tibetan Westerners want to live forever in our traffic behind, lack of information, living by hunting and gathering society to a nation the cost of stagnation time in order to meet the West on the mountain sanctuary aesthetic appreciation?
many Chinese young people can not forgive some Western media and the NGO, because they and the Chinese government the Chinese people's enthusiasm for the Olympics, but also cynical. organizational details in the Olympic Games, we are a very interesting conversation, Although the use of up to international practice a little bit strange, clumsy, and often well-intentioned to do stupid things, but after all, represent the Chinese people and the world civilization active docking attempt, including the dialogue with the Western culture. but our sincerity and efforts, but like Like the Olympic torch relay dogged encounter some western people, this is not tolerant, and it is not wise.
we have to guard against external
in protest against the intolerance of Western cultural hegemony, political conspiracy against possible when we have to ask ourselves. Olympic Games and the WTO, like, both to help China to share universal human civilization bonuses, but also reflects the requirements of the international community to China, rather than the will of their own in China. in the world equipped with the international system there is no free ride. emphasis on the cultural differences of the Olympic spirit of tolerance and beyond, we citizens of the world's mind Ryan Johnson Jersey, to know and understand different cultures, different values, and Institute of diverse environments in harmony. in the western wall of the cultural barriers between the need to learn West sides to split. our own way of doing things, with the international community's way of communication, presentation, what needs improvement?
China have had outside of intolerance .1972 year, Premier Zhou Enlai invited should, Italy documentary film director Michelangelo Antonioni in China, ordered to a commentator's article people, to foreigners to bad influence. exclusion. tao China's first diplomat, served as minister in the British and French during the literati Can He was Manchao as home, the door was the squire paste posters on the defamation and insults.
Today, we are strong and powerful expression to the West of China's national interests and national dignity, we also need to maintain and develop a diverse and inclusive cultural mindset. We need to express their position in a rational manner, and has been carefully treated with different voices. disabled torch bearer Jin Jing in Paris with the body to protect the torch, we can praise her loudly; when she opposed the boycott, against each other. We have full legitimacy to the part of the Western media's false reports and made solemn protest against malicious comments, the Western media of Chinese reality, communication, including an explanation or counter-criticism, and readily accept another culture of scrutiny. in the West believe in freedom of expression, information disclosure and cultural environment, malicious and hostile reporting just one voice, we can express dissatisfaction but can not be expected to completely disappear.
in diverse media environment, news reports reflect the views of all parties in general, or balanced. we need only try to increase the appeal of China's position. news reporting is a dynamic process, the information enclosed and inaccuracy caused by cultural barriers, will be the continued development of the situation, follow-up reports are supplemented and corrected. an Olympic Games just around the corner of the country, not because of some of the false and malicious reports, leading to the public on foreign mainstream media large-scale hostility. because the mainstream media behind a considerable portion of the host country may be public opinion. the differences between public opinion and public opinion, can only be resolved through dialogue.
Western cultural barriers exacerbate an important factor Henrik Sedin Jersey, is between the West information gap. We have to continue to improve the transparency of information within China, but also highly respect the Chinese people's right to know. faced with an emergency, mass incidents, involving ethnic relations and religious issues, to be promptly reported, honest and transparent public information the sky will not fall down. We can not expect a well-established by the domestic media controls that achieve the desired effect of foreign propaganda, must learn a wide range of voice for media relations, public relations crisis, including emergencies. in Lhasa . This shows that foreign journalists do not have a political bias, but not all hostile elements.
China needs social stability, public power authority to require proper maintenance of social order, but the public authority can and must be run into the sun. Transparency and openness is the best way through the crisis. I agree with Deputy Director of the State Council Information Office Cai riots in Lhasa, according to Reuters after the statement: The Chinese Government will not be angry because of external accusations, it will not block players have written negative evaluation of the content of the blog, I hope the Olympics as the world's press with a different perspective of a turning point in China.
we should see more clearly, a successful Olympics in addition to economic strength, physical strength, it is important to have political , culture, society, the quality of other people's soft power. only by economic take-off, sports gold medal from the male to stare, technical pressure world, it is just self-satisfaction, self-loss image.
processing requires a high degree of ethnic and religious relations humanities
Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan, involves China's core interests, namely national sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is a premise. In this context, there are many specific issues, including ethnic and religious issues, social issues, historical issues need to analyze specific issues.
the development of the Chinese people longing for peace, and a small number of Tibetan separatist violence, of course, is incompatible elements. This is a national cause, cardinal. but not a long time between the two groups Tibetan complete ablation barriers, misunderstanding, resentment, not all major issues. Therefore, patient communication and seek honest consensus. Han as a political and economic long-term occupies a leading position in the nation, in particular, need the courage to admit their shortcomings and deficiencies, especially have the courage to reflect on the history of the harm to the Tibetans. as Tibetans looting the food. In the level. Panchen angrily goes to seventy words written to the Mao Zedong era of black and white reversed in that it imprisoned in Qincheng prison.
we have every reason to declare the reform and opening up, filled with Hu on the Tibetan people poured truth, the central government supports Tibet Qingnangerchu. 10 yuan in Tibet, there are financial 9 yuan from the central government transfer payments per capita GDP in Tibet .2007 more than 12,000 yuan, higher than many mainland cities. Tibet urban and rural areas of the earliest to achieve a free and compulsory education, the medical insurance coverage for urban residents, including farmers and herdsmen can enjoy 100 per person per year for medical assistance, although this standard is still quite low. The central government enormous amounts of money, maintenance Boudara Palace, Norbulingka and Sakya Monastery, Tibet nine Buddhist organization works, also organized collation and publishing of Tibetan for all to see, can not be denied to any person.
, of course, we have to recognize that Tibet is not equal to the input being the input off. Tibetans are a nation with a rich spiritual life, support for aid to Tibet to to deforestation of forest resources, fishing on the killing of rare animals.
for the Dalai Lama, we should firmly reiterated its opposition to Tibetan separatist, political principled stand against violence, but also the spiritual and cultural dimensions of doing good communication and criticism. Dalai Lama good to include the demands of political interests, packing a pair to defend a spiritual and cultural purity. simply affix political labels, or even personal abuse, dismissed as the devil, avoid the existence of certain social problems, such as how to more harmonious relationship between cadres and grassroots level, the mainland business and how the common prosperity of local Tibetans. We need more flexible and autonomous mechanism of social management system, to avoid the politicization of social issues. wise leadership are always good at the political, ideological problem decomposition, evolution is one of specific social issues, make the best use of each break, not the other, frequently made of different interest groups with different interest demands labeled as ; political conspiracy unique social conflicts and ethnic and religious issues.
Han Chinese and Tibetans share a common history of respected figures such as Confucius, Guan Yu, Bao Zheng. In ancient times, Tibetan and pro-between, repaired, mourn, Alliance, presented letters stretching without a break. Jokhang Temple in Lhasa before the Tablet of Tang and Tibet, Tibetan commensurate with uncle and nephew. Tang Princess Wen Cheng marrying Tibetan King Songtsan, liberation of the PLA entered Lhasa, are brought from the Mainland and advanced science and technology cultural achievements. Tibetan Buddhism also sow the mainland. Beijing's Lama Temple, Summer Palace, the White Pagoda Temple, the Tar Monastery in Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Hohhot Zhao Temple, Mount Wutai in Shanxi Province, Hangzhou, Temple, are permeated with the Tibetan architecture, sculpture and murals. Tibet has greatly improved the land reform the social status of farmers and herdsmen, Sino-Tibetan relations there is no fundamental change in the social fundamentals of Tibetan ethnic harmony have full confidence.
I agree with Phoenix news commentary Members of view: the central government of ethnic minorities and religious affairs officials need to have a high degree of ethnology, anthropology, literacy, be able to enter the inner world of the Tibetans, the Tibetan culture, the degree of familiarity to the obsession. Qianlong emperor to host the Sixth Panchen to catching Tibetan imperial statue. I suggest that the government has positioned itself might stand higher, not only do the defenders of social order, you can also play a more social arbiter to reconcile the role of Ding Nai, do the Chinese Sino-Tibetan family of the gap between the two great nations, misunderstanding, conflict, the arbitrator, but also may wish to do within the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and radical violent elements (such as the Tibetan Youth Congress) between the arbitrator. Here, I think period of Emperor Kangxi motto: the formation of cracks in the Indian plate collision. Roof of the World Plateau, elevation three times higher than Mount Brahmaputra, should not be a barrier between different civilizations.
Chinese Ambassador Fu Ying in the he said: perception, will move rapidly to a confrontation. values ​​and social evaluation perspective. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee's repeated calls not to politicize the Olympics, hoping to avoid the Beijing Olympics Tibet, human rights, same problem. but we can not require all foreigners to come to Beijing only for sports and years, even as we do not ask them to observe and judge the issue. We will treat positions consistent with their voice? This is a test for our integration into globalization.
Obviously, the Government as soon as possible in the Government's role from the Almighty get out, in the face of the international community can not require all the main floor are from the same perspective, with a position statement. Central Government is concerned about national unity and social order; Beijing Municipal Government is concerned about Beijing's safety, traffic, counter-terrorism; Beijing Olympic concern Olympic normal, undisturbed.
At the same time, may wish to encourage market-oriented media, NGO, network reports and comments can be sent with the Government's position is not exactly the same sound. In recent years, Xiamen PX incident, snowstorms in the south, the network of citizen journalists to the scene Ta Fang spontaneous shot back first-hand reports, to make up for the lack of official media reports defect. The riots in Lhasa, if you allow and encourage the residents of Lhasa, the victims, tourists on the Internet about their own knowledge and feelings, for let the world know the truth and Chinese riots in the voice, is certainly more good than harm. As for the improvement of economic and human rights in Tibet, the progress of national policy, the process of modernization of Tibet, the impact of culture, the misunderstanding between Chinese and Tibetan, hostility and resolve, by the non-governmental organizations and individuals to comment on the effect certainly better. information transparency and media pluralism, is skillfully deflected the question, a good way hostile digestion.
remember very quiet in the same relations with the West in 1999, from May I embassy bombing in Yugoslavia, signed 12 bilateral WTO agreement, spent more than six months to reverse the critical situation. from the West, the torch relay controversy, to the Beijing Olympics 100 days left, time is more urgent! It is gratifying that the Chinese and foreign people of insight in their efforts for the upcoming event dilute the sour, and create harmonious.
storm vortex from the flame in Paris, the French Senate President Christian. Poncelet arrived in Shanghai on April 21, the aircraft went to visit a landing in Paris, protesters attacked the disabled face one torchbearer Jin Jing. Speaker to be filled with a girl that Shanghai French President Nicolas Sarkozy's condolence letter to the Jin Jing in Paris by the French people can not reflect the feelings of the Chinese people
recently met with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Dick, chairman of the Olympic Games. Ebb Saul and his party. in the Chinese media and the public sternly criticized CNN, the main challenge the West ...


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