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Par wholesalejersey, 01/06/2011 à 10:10
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More than 400 million Chinese investment in the Beijing Olympics ; modern Bird's Nest , Water Cube with the ancient Summer Palace, Great Wall of harmonious coexistence .
Chinese crew won 51 gold Buster Posey Jersey, is the most competitive Olympic Games in the history of the host country .
Egypt Ethiopia 's world-famous race distance runner because fear of air pollution in Beijing Curtis Granderson Jersey, determined not to participate in Marathon. But the marathon day , Beijing's weather is very good. Now he tin watch his countrymen to take the copper award .
Although before the beginning of the Olympic Games We are anxious almost Beijing's atmosphere pollution San Francisco Giants Jerseys, but later the opening of Beijing's atmosphere is still generally good .
Zhang Yi fortress of a man forever a character of Olympic morale .
Chinese not only invented gunpowder Gary Carter Jersey, but also At the closing ceremony perfect the use of explosive (referring to the excellent fireworks ).
not only the Chinese people cheer for their country's players , and cheer for foreign players , reflecting the Olympic spirit .
the Chinese folk during the Olympic Games in Beijing reflects A sincere sense of pride Alfonso Soriano Jersey, which previously had not watched the union of citizen businesses .
Beijing Olympics tireless militia of volunteers that we ambition not forget Mike Mussina Jersey, and we thank them .
the British flag and the Chinese flag and l In the nest Joe Mauer Jersey, this time reminds me of the British in 1997 to return Hong Kong to China 's solemn etiquette. a hundred annuals Don Mattingly Jersey, China recover lost ground in Hong Kong; 110 annuals later Ian Kinsler Jersey, China successfully hosted the Beijing Olympic Games and the Olympic flag passed to London syndic. This Grandchildren do no even wear a suit clasps , real insolent . strongly patronize the Northern Ireland Independent ! ( Young Brother reviews )
the same time, in London Mariano Rivera Jersey, Phelps heeded the festivals to greet the Olympic Games 2012 . the sky Emitting 3 colors of ruddy and pearly basket fighters are welcome to commemorate Phelps .


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